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Top 10 Luxury Cars 2015

Artikel terkait : Top 10 Luxury Cars 2015

Like the world's most expensive motorcycle , car Luxury car in the world was also created for the handful of people who rate their needs has reached the stage of self- affiliation or recognition . In this level , a person is no longer pay attention to the price of the purchased goods , but more on prestige to sustain / support their lifestyle . World's most expensive car is only produced in limited quantities at a price that is extraordinarily expensive . So those of us who have a mediocre income can only dream of being able to have the car - the car .
The following are the 10 most expensive cars in the world :
1.      Bugatti Veyron SUPER SPORTS ( USD 2,400,000 )

It is the most expensive series of Bugatti Veyron Bugatti Veyron which price series is USD 1,700,000 . This car can up to the speed of 0-60 in 2.5 seconds with a maximum speed can reach 267 mph.
2.      ASTON MARTIN ONE-77 (USD 1.850.000)

Sering disebut One-77 karena merupakan gabungan dari keindahan dan tenaga dalam satu mobil serta hanya diproduksi sebanyak 77 unit.
3.      The Lamborghini Reventon ( USD 1,600,000 )

The car is very powerful , and most expensive for this brand produced only 20 units.
4.      MAYBACH Landaulet ( USD 1.38 million )

It is the most expensive kind of car sedan in its class . The car that looks luxurious and elegant indeed special dicipatakn for CEOs or executives who use the services of a private driver.
5.      Zenvo ST1 ( USD 1.225 million )

 This car produced only 15 units and the company ensures that the car will still be able to walk with a lifetime warranty.
6.      MCLAREN F1 ( USD 970,000 )

In 1994 , output of the McLaren F1 car is the fastest car in the world although this time McLaren has not been dala list of group car – supercar.
7.      FERRARI ENZO ( USD 670,000 )

This car has a speed of up to 217 mph and 60 mph ammpu move in 3-4 seconds . Cars produced only 400 units was once sold at an auction at a price of USD 1,000,000.
8.      Pagani Zonda C12 ( USD 667 321 )

This car is produced by a small car company in Italy . This car can reach speeds of 215 mph.
9.      SSC ULTIMATE AERO ( USD 654,400 )

This is an American-made car is actually a third- fastest car in the world . so do not ever be fooled by the cheap price.
10.  Ascari A10 ( USD 650,000 )

Known as the " badboy car " that can up to speeds of 215 mph . This is a British-made cars .

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